About Us

Ancient Trails is not just a tourism organisation. But it is a unique opportunity to explore the roots of Indian culture and the worldwide richness of our Indian heritage.

We launched this venture out of passion and love towards the great culture of our country. There has been a yearning in us to protect and revive our rich heritage. This passionate motive has led our team to explore new sites and constantly endeavouring to study these sites elaborately. We dig into the nearly accurate history of the place and put forward the unbiased history for all.

With ‘Ancient Trails’ you will visit the heritage sites under the guidance of our experts in this field and experience the history of the site rather than just listening to boring lectures about it. Through such edutainment, history will become very fascinating and worthy to get the feel of such site and the old customs and traditions and rituals.

Guided heritage tours of Ancient Trails will take you to the ancient times and make you learn history in a new and broader perspective.


To arrange an audience of the curious with the lost wonders of time and culture. To bring forth the enticing and captivating historic tale of humanity, its foundation, its culture and its art in front of the world.

Why Us

Astounding Experience Of Magnificent Heritage

Experts and Mentors

Experts at Ancient Trails have spent years to explore and study the culture and rich heritage of India.

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The geniuses are authorities on their respective areas of expertise. Experiencing the sites with these experts will give a different perspective altogether for sure.

Learning with leisure

Travelling with Ancient Trails isn’t just about education but it’s a confluence of leisure and entertainment.

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Along with educating you about the destination, we are bound by our commitment to give you a comfortable experience. Our tours and treks go through timely changes, allowing us to impart and provide you with newer experiences and knowledge about the place of your visit, meanwhile making sure that your tour experience stays and gets as comfortable as possible.

Offbeat destinations

There are numerous heritage sites spread across India about which we still are unaware.

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Our team is steadfast in discovering such not so widely known wonders. Ancient Trails brings to the table an opportunity to visit such off beat heritage destinations. Travelling with Ancient Trails means the ability to visit such unique places and the assurance of knowing about the various dimensions of the Indian culture.

Safe and responsible travelling

‘Ancient Trails’ number one priority is the safety and security of the fellow travellers.

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Considering the various issues that one might face while travelling in India or abroad we have diligently planned all our tours to maximize security and comfort and minimize risk. One of our organizers will always accompany you on your tours and can also arrange medical assistance as and if needed. Ancient Trails is committed to the conservation of heritage sites. ‘Ancient trails’ takes an initiative to conserve the local life, culture, environment and cleanliness of such places.

Door to Door tours

We at Ancient Trails are concerned about your utmost comfort. Especially we do lend extra support for our senior travellers.

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Hence Ancient Trails arranges tours from your doorstep so that your entire journey becomes hassle free.

All-inclusive tours

Apart from shopping itself, Ancient Trail covers all your expenses under one package; Food, accommodation, travel, sightseeing and everything else.

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While you immerse yourself in history and its stories, we take care of the mundane for you; making sure, that you are never withdrawn from experiencing our ornate heritage.