• What would be the group size of tours?

Usually, the number of travelers would be limited to 20.

  • Can I extend my stay while on a group tour?

Yes. You may extend your stay on your own expenses.

  • Can I join a tour in a midway?

Yes. You may join a tour in midway in certain tours. Any deviation in the planned tour may incur additional charges. You may check the possibility of joining a tour midway by informing us while travel booking.


  • Does the tour itinerary change in a tour?

Yes. Tour itinerary may change at times due to unforeseen circumstances pertaining to the airline, hotel, sightseeing, transport or due to any natural events. In case of such changes, travelers are notified in the tour itself.


  • Do you have doctors on tour ?

No. We do not appoint any doctor on tour. However, in case of necessities, such need will be sought after at local facility at your own expense. Tour manager carries a First Aid Kit prescribed by a doctor.

  • Can we keep our passport and currency with tour manager or exper, while on tour?

You cannot keep any of your documents or belongings with tour manager or an expert. You will be responsible for your own belongings. Tour manager willnot be responsible for any kind of loss of baggage and will not be held liable for any of your loss of baggage/items.

  • Can we skip the sightseeing on tour ? Shall we get refund for skipped activities.

You can skip the sightseeing on tour however you are not entitled to encash those sightseeing or activities hence no refund or discount will be given on this basis.

  • What things/clothes to carry on tour?

Things to carry on tour –

  1. ID proof - Aadhar Card, Voters ID, Driving License (For domestic Tours and

 Indian nationals)

  • Valid Passport (For International Tours and Foreign Nationals)


  1. Airline tickets, Insurance copies(if opted), Tour Itineraray.
  2. Foreign Currency in the form of notes\forex card\International credit-debit card(For international tours)
  3. Accessories – Cap, Scarf, belts, Sunglasses, Cell phone, Charger, Adapter, Power

    Banks, Camera, Spare batteries, Folding Umbrella.

  1. Medicines
  2. Comfortable footwear
  3. Toiletaries – Cold Creams, Body lotions, Perfumes, Tooth Brush, Toothpaste
  4. Pen/book/notepad for local journey


 Clothes to Carry –

  1. Comfortable clothing, Undergarments, Sleepwear, hankerchief, Socks.
  2. Thermal wear, Woollen jackets, sweaters, pullovers for cold weather conditions.
  • When will I get the air or train tickets for my booked tour?

Air tickets or train tickets for the booked tour are reserved immediately as the booking amount is paid by the traveler. Hence the tickets will be immediately mailed to the customer. And hard copies if required, will be provided in the pre-tour meeting.

  • Can I web Check-In after I receive the air tickets?

Web Check-In is not possible for a group tour.

  • Can we upgrade to Business Class on a flight or higher class on a train?

Yes. You may upgrade your air or train tickets at extra charges specified by Airline or Indian Rail. You are requested to inform us about the same while confirming the booking of a tour so that we can communicate the fare difference to the traveler.

  • Can I have a wheelchair facility at Airport or Rail Station?

Wheelchair request needs to be given at the time of air ticket booking with a medical certificate. Airline & airport policies regarding the same, vary and at times wheel chair requests are chargeable. For Rail Stations, wheelchair facility is given free of cost; however, not all stations are facilitated with wheelchairs. You may coordinate with us while booking your tour if you require such a facility at rail stations.

  • What is the maximum baggage allowed to check-in and carry on board?

The baggage allowance for check-in and hand baggage varies according to airline and class of travel. The exact allowance for your travel would be shared with your ticket booking.

  • Can I make the full payment for the tour booking at the time of booking itself?

Yes. You may pay the full amount of your tour in advance. As a result you may be entitle to get a good discount on your tour.

  • If wish to do the partial payment of tour, then is there an option ?

Yes. You can confirm your booking of a tour by paying registration amount. Rest amount can be paid in parts. For details of the partial payment, you may contact travel advisor at our office.  

  • Is the registration amount paid to book the tour is refundable ?

Yes. With certain cancellation charges, the amount is refundable. It varies from tour to tour. Hence you are requested to contact office for more details.

  • What are the different payment modes available ?

You can make the payments for tour by any of the following payment modes-

Cheque/ Demand Draft/ NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ Credit Card/  Debit Card or UPI gateway. Cheque/Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “ANCIENT TRAILS”.

In case of payment made by cheque, a booking confirmation will be given subject to cheque clearance.

  • Which documents are required at the time of booking ?

At the time of booking, a valid identity proof is required. You may furnish –

For domestic tours – Aadhar Card or Voter ID (for Indian Citizens)

 Valid Passport ( for Foreign Tourists)

International Tours – Valid Passport


  • Can I book online ?

As of now there is no facility of booking online. However, you may book over phone . And you may also book your tour by visiting our office.

If booking over phone, you are required to pay registration amount by any online method to confirm your booking.

  • What is the cancellation policy of your company ?

You may refer our ‘Terms & Condition’ page n website to check the cancellation policy. It is also mentioned in the itieneraries of the tours.

  • How long does it take to process the refund ?

Accrding to policy, once refund is approved, the refund will be processed in 7 working days. In certain cases it may take longer depending on the weaver decision from associates/ airlines/ partners /hotels etc.

  • What is the mode of payment in case of a refund ?

Refund, if any will be directly paid to the traveler by ‘Account payee ‘Cheque.

  • In case of medical emergency, what will be the refund policy ?

In case of medical emergency, refund policy remains the same as regular cancellation. Most of the times amount utilized to book air or train tickets is not refundable or liable for certain cacellation charges. Hence the same amount is to be born by the traveler.

            In case, if a traveler has made a full payment at the time of booking and may need to cancel the booking due to medical reasons then 50 % of the total booking amout(excluding Govt taxes) will be refunded.

  • What will be refund policy, if ANCIENT TRAILS cancels the tour ?

If the tour is cancelled by ANCIENT TRAILS then full amount will be refunded to the traveler within 7 working days from cancellation of tour. Alternatively, guest can utilize the same amount for any other future tour.

  • When will we get hotel confirmation ?

You will get your hotel details at the time of pre-tour meeting which is held 15 days prior to the tour. These confirmations are subject to change depending on availability and any other unforeseen circumstances like natural calamities/ hotel renovation etc.

  • Will the WiFi facility be available at the hotel ?

Most of the hotels will have a WiFi facility available complimentary. However, at certain hotels they may be chargeable. And if availed, then the charges for the same are to be born by the traveler. At certain hotels, it may not be available at all due to remote locations.

  • Can we get adjacent or interconnecting room ?

Such rooms can be arranged in hotel subject to availability.

    • What type of food is served in a tour ?

    On a group tour, we serve Indian Veg Food available at the tourist spot. Please note that we do not carry a separate cook with us.We arrange lunch and dinners at hotels/restaurants where food is served in thali system. Breakfast on tour is generally a continental breakfast with local cuisines served by hotels.

    At certain destinations, we may serve local cuisine to get the flavor of that region.

    If a traveler wishes to opt for any different kind of food such as non-veg/ Continental/Italian etc. then extra cost to be born by a traveler. 

    • Is Jain food available on tour ?

    We can arrange Jain food on traveler’s request on a tour. Such intimation is required to be given by a traveler at the time of booking. At times, under extreme conditions this may not be possible.

    • Should we carry any snacks while on tour ?

    You may carry light snacks with you. But make sure you do not carry too much of it. Snacks and meals are provided on a tour, hence most of the times it is not neede.

    • Can I carry liquor bottles or Cigarettes on tour ?

    We strictly follow ‘No Smoking’ & ‘No Alcohol’ policy in a coach or in a group activity. Hence it is not recommended to carry liquor bottles or Cigarettes.

      • What type of transport will be provided on tour ?

      In most of the tours, we provide 2 x 2 AC minibus. In certain tours, depending on group size, AC Tempo Travelers are hired.

      • How is the seating arrangement decided in a bus decided on a tour ?

      Seating arrangement is done on first come first serve basis. A traveler who books earlier will get the front seats. Front 2 seats are reserved for tour manager and an expert.

  • Do you process new passport applications/renewals ?

No, we do not process passport applications.

  • Is visa for international tours included in tour cost ?

Yes. Visa fees are included in tour cost.

  • What is the Visa procedure and which documents are required for Visa?

Visa procedure varies from country to country. A travel advisor will share the documents required for Visa at the time of booking. These documents need to be submitted in specified time. After scrutiny of documents Visa procedure is initiated. You will receive a confirmation of Visa through E Mail from the respective consulate itself.

  • Is travel insurance included in a tour cost ?

For domestic tours, travel insurance is not included. However, if a traveler wishes to opt for an insurance then same will be made available by us at extra cost.  Such requirement needs to be conveyed at the time of booking.

For international tours, travel insurance is included in a tour cost and details of the same will be mailed to a traveler.

  • Are there any benefits of Travel Insurance ?

Yes. Travel Insurance do benefit in certain ways. It covers the baggage loss, medical emergencies, fatal accidents, Compensation for delays etc. Policies of insurance vary according to different companies.