Specialized Tours

We at Ancient Trails, constantly endeavour to give something new, something unique. Out of the same efforts, we have come up with some unique concepts and experiences in tourism.

As a part of the same, we have some specialized tours for special people.

Heritage for Photographers

This tour is dedicated to a photographer hidden in you. No matter whether you are Novice, Apprentice or Expert, this tour focuses on some hands-on about Heritage Photography that too with an expert in the industry. A unique confluence of understanding history along with capturing it in your frame.

Heritage for Dancers

Indian Classical Dance has spread its roots deeply in our rich culture and heritage. It may be of any type whether Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, or Kuchipudi. Every ancient monument displays this dance culture in its unique way. We have crafted this tour exclusively for the dancers to get the essence of the philosophy, iconography and the roots of different dance pose.

Heritage for artists

Heritage monuments have always been centre of attraction for every artist. These monuments look enigmatic and hold an ocean of tales inside them. Putting the exact emotions on canvas is truly challenging. This tour is specially designed keeping all the needs of an artist in mind. A true golden opportunity for artists, where they get to witness the grand monuments and an ample amount of time to draw them on their canvas under the guidance of a subject expert.

Biker’s Heritage

Who told that temples and historic monuments are boring and only meant for elders !! Riding through the lush green surroundings of Hampi or ‘Belur and Coorg’ and many more likewise destinations are only meant for enthusiastic and rugged riders. If you are one of those then this tour is designed only for you. An experienced bike rider, that too with the knowledge of history will accompany you on this tour. It is an exclusive combination of fun with some knowledge of our Rich Heritage.

Heritage for Kids

Today, knowing and understanding Indian Heritage and Culture is mostly needed for kids. History has been the most ignored topic in schools. Moreover, history has always been a victim of miscommunication and misinterpretation. Our rich history is the prime source of inspiration for a new generation to create a new history. Hence we have come up with Heritage tours for kids that are going to be fun-filled and equally learning.

Heritage for foreigners & NRI’s

Ancient Trails has crafted exclusive Heritage tours for foreigners & NRI’s, understanding their needs. Our expert Indologist/Archaeologist will accompany every tour ensuring our guests are provided the most authentic information on Indian Heritage and Culture.

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